We travelled every road, track and footpath we could find to make our maps. These pictures reflect the many wonderful and whimsical sights we enjoyed.


TABLE MOUNTAIN – place names on this map

Table Mountain

Table Mountain National Park
Table Mountain: more info







Obverse: A2+ full colour map
Scale: 1:20 000 (5cm = 1km) 10m contours; relief shading 200m² UTM grid, WGS84 10” Long/Lat grid
Coords in DDMMSS format at important junctions
Reverse: 23 Route descriptions Safety information, Contact numbers, etc.
WATERPROOF and TEAR RESISTANT in plastic sleeve
ISBN 978-1-920377-20-5

Table Mountain

Aandblom Street
Acorn Close
Adderley Street
Africa Face
Africa Ledge
Africa Ravine
Agapanthus Ave
Albert Road
Albert Street
Alexandra Ave
Alexandra Reservoir [1903]
Almond Terrace
Aloe Street
Alsace Road
Amanda Road
Amhurst Ave
Ancient Milkwood Trees
Ancient Rooiels Tree
Annandale Road
Antelope Paddocks
Antipolis 1977
Antler Crag
Anzio Road
Apostle Road
Apostles Battery [World War II]
Apostles Tunnel
Appian Way
Appleton Camp
Arcadia Close
Argyle Street
Ark Valley
Arrow Buttress
Arrow Final
Arthur's Road
Arum Street
Ascension Buttress
Ascension Crest
Ascension Gully
Ascension Ravine
Ash Close
Ash Valley
Aspeling Street
Astana Street
Athol Road
Atlantic Ocean
Atlas Cedar
Ave Bordeaux
Baboon Rock
Back Table
Bakoven Bay
Balancing Rock
Balie Bay
Bantry Bay
Barbara Road
Barkly Road
Barnabas Street
Barnet Street
Barnham Ave
Barrack Street
Barrier Buttress
Barrier Ravine
Barry Streek House
Bath Road
Bay View Ave
Beatty Road
Beau Constance
Bedford Street
Bel Ombre Road
Belair Drive
Bella Donna Ave
Bellair Ave
Belle Ombre
Belle Ombre Road
Bellevue Street
Bellsfontein Kramat
Belmont Ave
Belvedere Ave
Beresford Road
Berkley Street
Beta Street
Bethal Farm
Beulah Terrace
Birch Street
Bird's Bath
Bisset Road
Black Slab Gully
Blackwood Drive
Blair Road
Blind Gully
Blinde Street
Blinkwater Face
Blinkwater Needle
Blinkwater Peak
Blinkwater Ravine
Block & Tackle
Blockhouse Aqueduct
Blockhouse Ridge
Bloem Street
Bloemhof Street
Blue Valley Ave
Blythe 1966
Bokaap Museum
Bokkemanskloof Road
Bond Street
Booth Memorial Hospital
Bordeaux Ave
Boshoff Ave
Boskloof Needle
Bosky Buttress
Bosky Kloof Road
Bosman Street
Botanical Society HQ
Boundary Path
Bradwell Road
Braemar Road
Breakfast Rock
Breakfast Rock
Breda Street
Bree Street
Breton Close
Briar Road
Bridle Path [1897]
Bridle Road
Bridoon Close
Broad Road
Brown Street
Browning Road
Brunswick Road
Bryant Street
Buiten Street
Burg Street
Burnside Road
Butterfly Haven
Buxton Ave
Cairn Buttress
Cairn Crag
Cairn Ravine
Cairnmount Ave
Caledon Square
Caledon Street
Calvin Street
Cambridge Ave
Camden Street
Camel Rock
Camp Street
Camps Bay
Camps Bay Drive
Camps Bay High School
Camps Bay Preparatory School
Camps Bay Primary School
Candlewood Close
Cannon Close
Canterbury Street
Cape Archives
Cape Horn
Cape Peninsula University Of Technology
Cape Town High School
Cape Town Stadium
Cape Town Stadium
Capel Street
Carisbrook Street
Carrell's Ledge
Carstens Street
Castle Of Good Hope 1666
Castle Rocks
Cavern Crag
Cecilia Plantation
Cecilia Ravine
Cecilia Ridge
Cecilia Waterfall
Cedar Close
Central Drive
Central Table
Centre for the Book
Centre Left Face
Chapel Street
Chas Booth Ave
Chateau Ave
Chelmsford Road
Chelsea Ave
Cherry Close
Chester Road
Chesterfield Road
Chestnut Drive
Chiappini Street
Chilworth Road
Christiaan Street
Church of the Good Shepherd
Church Street
Circle Track
City Park
Clairwood Ave
Clare Street
Clayton's Road
Cleft Peak
Cliff Road
Clifford Ave
Clifton Bay
Clifton Road
Clifton Scenic Reserve
Clive Street
Cloete Road
Clovelly Ave
Cohen Place
Commercial Street
Compton Herbarium
Comrie Road
Conduit Road
Conifer Close
Connaught Face
Connemara Drive
Conradie Sports Club
Constantia Corner
Constantia Nek
Constantia Road
Constitution Street
Contour Path [1810]
Conway Redoubt 1781
Cork Oak Trees Planted 1895
Coronation Ave
Corporation Street
Corridor Buttress
Corridor Ravine
Corridor Rib
Corridor Triangle
Cotswold Ave
Court Road
Courville Street
Cramond Road
Cranberry Crescent
Crassula Ave
Crassula Face
Cypress Street
Dal Road
Dark Gorge
Dark Gully
Darling Street
Davenport Road
Davies Walk
De Berrange Ave
De Grendel van de Platteklip
De Hel
De Hoop Ave
De Korte Ave
De L'Hermite Ave
De La Caille Street
De Lorentz Street
De Platteklip
De Villiers Reservoir [1907]
De Villiers Street
De Waal Drive
De Waal Park
De Wet Road
Deane Road
Deauville Ave
Deception Face
Deer Park
Deer Park Drive West
Deer Park Drive East
Dept of Lands & Surveys
Derry Street
Derwent Road
Des Huguenots Ave
Desperation Corner
Deutsche Internationale Schule
Devil's Peak
Devil's Peak Estate
Devonport Road
Diep River
Diep River Trail
Disa Gorge
Disa Needle
Disa Park Towers
Disa River
Disa River Road
Disandt Ave
District 6
Dommisse Hut [W.P.M.C.]
Dorman Street
Dorp Street
Dover Street
Drelingcourt Ave
Drill Hall
Drury Lane
Duncan Road
Dunkeld Road
Dunrobin Road
Duntaw Close
Eagle Way
Eagle's Nest
Easter Egg Rock
Eastern Boulevard
Eastern Buttress
Eastern Table
Eaton Road
Echo Valley
Eden Road
Edward Road
Eldon Lane
Elmtree Road
Els Buttress
Els Cave
Els Ravine
Enchanted Castle Play Park
Erica Buttress
Escombe Road
Eureka Face
Exner Ave
Falmouth Road
Farrier's Way
Faure Street
Fawley Terrace
Fernwood Buttress
Fernwood Estate
Fernwood Gully
Fernwood Peak
Fernwood Sports Club
Fernwood Track
Fernwood Weir
Ferny Gully
Fillians Street
Filtration Plant
Finchley Road
Finsteraar Crack
Firdale Road
First Ave
First Beach
First Waterfall Ravine
Firtree Arête
Firtree Ravine
Fisherman's Rock
Fiskaal Road
Fitzherbert Road
Flat Rock
Florida Road
Flower Street
Fontainebleau Ave
Forest Hill Ave
Forest Road
Forester's Arms
Fountain Buttress
Fountain Ledge
Fountain Peak
Fountain Peak Buttress
Fountain Ravine
Fourth Beach
Francolin Road
Frank Ave
Freesia Ave
Fresnaye Ave
Fresnaye Sports Club
Friars Road
Frustration Arête
Frustration Buttress
Frustration Gorge
Frustration Gully
Fryde Road
Fulham Road
Fynbos Street
Garden Court Hotel
Gardenia Ave
Gardens Centre
Gardens Commercial High School
Gardens MediClinic
Gardens Sports Club
Garfield Road
Garrick Road
Garron Ave
Geelklip Buttress
Geneva Drive
George Street
Ghastly Gully
Gilbert Cave
Gilmour Hills Road
Gladiolus Ave
Gladstone Street
Glastonbury Drive
Glen Alpine
Glen Ave
Glen Beach
Glen Country Club
Glencairn Road
Glencoe East
Glencoe West
Glynn Street
Glynnville Terrace
Good Hope Centre
Good Hope Seminary Junior School
Gordon Street
Gorge Road
Government Avenue
Grand Parade
Grand Vue Road
Granite Aqueduct
Granite Boulders
Grassy Ravine
Greenford Street
Grisnez Road
Groot Constantia Vineyards
Groote Kerk
Groote Schuur Drive
Groote Schuur Estate
Groote Schuur Hospital
Grootkop Buttress
Grootkop Face
Grotto Buttress
Grotto Cave
Grotto Crag
Grotto Ravine
Grotto Road
Grove Buttress
Grove Gully
Gumtree Lane
Haig Road
Hampton Ave
Hanover Road
Happy Valley
Hargraves Square
Harold Close
Harold Cressy High School
Harold Cressy High school
Harrington Street
Hastings Street
Hatfield Street
Hawarden Street
Hawk Ridge
Head Road
Heere Street
Heldsingen Street
Hell's Gates
Hely Hutchinson Ave
HelyHutchinson Reservoir [1904]
Herzlia School
Het Huis Te Crijenstein 1698
Hexagon Road
Hiddingh Ave
Hiddingh Buttress
Hiddingh Path
Hiddingh Ravine
Hiddingh Steps
Higgo Road
High Constantia
High Level Road
High Spinney
Highland Ave
Hildene Road
Hilligers Street
Hillside Road
Hilltop Lane
Hilton Road
Hoerikwaggo Hiking Trail
Hoerikwaggo Hiking Trail
Hof Street
Hofmeyr Street
Hohenort Ave
Holocaust Museum
Holy Cross School
Homeleigh Ave
Hoopoe Lane
Hope Street
Horak Ave
Hospital Bend
Houghton Road
Houses of Parliament
Hout Bay
Hout Bay Corner
Hout Bay Family Practitioners
Hout Bay Main Road
Hout Bay Nek
Hout Bay Pipe Track
Hout Bay River
Hove Road
Huguenot Ave
Hunter's Way
Hyde Street
Imizamo Yethu
India Ravine
Indian Gates
Ingleside Road
Intake Ravine
Invermark Crescent
Isadore Chen Place
Ivanhoe Street
Ivy Street
Ixia Ave
Iziko Museums
J. C. Smuts Memorial 1870'1950
J. E. Lister Nursery [Oudekraal][1892]
Jack's Bush
Jamieson Road
Jan van Riebeeck Primary School
Jan van Riebeeck High School
Jasper Street
Jesus Cave
John's Cave
Jordaan Street
Joshua Penny's Cave
Journey's End
Jubilee Buttress
Jubilee Ravine
Judas Peak
Junction Peak
Justisie Street
Jutland Street
Kasteel Buttress
Kasteelpoort Path
Kasteels Gully
Keerom Street
Kelvin Street
Ken Heights Private Reserve
Ken Heights Road
Kenmore Road
Kensington Crescent
Keppel Street
King's Blockhouse [1795]
Kinnoull Road
Kirstenbosch Administration
Kirstenbosch Drive
Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden [1913]
Kitchen Ravine
Klaasenbosch Trail
Klaassens Road
Klein Constantia Vineyards
Kleinkop Buttress
Kloof Ave
Kloof Buttress
Kloof Corner Ridge
Kloof Nek
Kloof Nek Road
Kloof Street
Knife Edge
Kotze Street
Kramat of Sayed Abdul Malik
Kreef Lane
Krispies Wood
Kuyper Street
Kylemore Road
La Croix Ave
Labia Theatre
Lady Hamilton Hotel
Lambert Road
Leeukloof Street
Leeukop Street
Leeuwen Street
Leeuwendal Crescent
Leeuwenhof Road
Leeuwenhof [1701]
Leeuwenvoet Road
Left Face
Lekkerwater Gully
Lever Street
Lewisham Lane
Liesbeek River
Lincoln Road
Linden Farm
Lingen Street
Link Street
Lion Battery
Lion Street
Lion's Head
Lion's Head Pipe Track
Lion's Rump
Liskeard Street
Little Glen
Llandudno Corner
Llandudno Primary School
Llandudno Ravine
Llandudno Road
Lodge Road
Logie's Bay
Logie's Rock
Long Kloof
Long Street
Longkloof Road
Longmarket Street
Loop Street
Loosestone Gully
Lorraine Ave
Lovers' Leap
Low Street
Lower Cable Station
Lower Kloof Street
Lower Traverse
Lubbert's Gift
Ludlow Road
Luton Street
Lymington Close
Maclear's Beacon [1844]
Magical Mountain View
Magnolia Road
Maiden's Cove
Main Road
Makuti Lodge
Manson Road
Maori Road
Maple Ave
Marchmont Ave
Marmion Road
Marseilles Ave
Marshy Track
Martingale Ave
Maskew's Path
Matthew Jackson Gully
Maynard Street
McKenzie Street
MCSA Hut [1904]
MCSA War Memorial [1923]
Medburn Road
Medical School
Melbourne Road
Michaelis Art School
Middle Traverse
Midnight Lover Cave
Military Road
Mill Street
Milner Road
Mimetes Thicket
Minor Peak
Mocke Reservoir [1896]
Molteno Reservoir
Molteno Road
Momseun se Klip
Monastery Road
Montana Road
Monterey Drive
Montreal Ave
Montrose Ave
Moray Place
Moss Street
Mostert's Mill [1659]
Mount Nelson Hotel
Mount Pleasant
Mowbray Ridge
Muslim Cemetery
Myburgh Street
Myburgh's Buttress
Myburgh's Corner
Myburgh's Kloof
Myburgh's Waterfall Ravine
Myrica Street
Myrtle Street
National Art Gallery
Nazareth House
Needle Ravine
Needles Walk
Nettleton Road
New Church Street
Newlands Ave
Newlands Forest
Newlands Forest Station
Newlands Path
Newlands Picnic Area
Newlands Ravine
Newlands Reservoir
Newlands Stream
Newport Street
Nicol Street
Noordelik Ave
Normandie Ave
North Gully
Northoaks Ave
Norton Dingle Drive
Nursery Buttress
Nursery Ravine
Nursery Valley
Oakhurst Ave
Oakhurst Farm Park
Obscure Ravine
Ocean View Drive
Old Cable Station [1893]
Old City Hall
Old Dam Construction Trolley Track [1907]
Old Dam Construction Village [1893]
Old Deer Buttress
Old Devil's Peak Forest Station
Old Feed Store
Old Gold Mine
Old Military Magazine
Old Military Road [1795]
Old MTO Office
Old Railway
Old Rhodes Avenue
Old Roeland St Gaol
Old Tin Mine [1909'1910]
Old Tractor
Olinia Street
Oppelskop Ridge
Orange Buttress
Orange Face
Orange Gully
Orange Kloof
Orange Kloof Contour Path
Orange Kloof Tented Camp
Orange Ridge
Orange Street
Orchard Heights
Orchard Path
Orchard Street
Original Disa Stream
Orion Cave
Orphan Street
Osborne Street
Ottawa Ave
Oudekraal Picnic Area
Oudekraal Ravine
Oudekraal Ridge
Oudekraal Road
Overseer's Cottage
Panda Crag
Pandora Crag
Papenboom Ravine
Parade Street
Paradise Road
Paradise, Ruins of Master Woodcutter's House, C. 1700
Park Road
Parliament Street
Patron Place Cave
Peak Road
Pear Lane
Pearson's Grave
Pendulum Face
Penelope Close
Pentz Road
Penzance Road
People's Cabin
People's Trail
Pepper Street
Perth Road
Petrel Close
Phantom Acres
Picnic Path
Picnic Valley
Pile K
Pillar Face
Pimple Gorge
Pine Ave
Pine Buttress
Pine Gully
Pinetree Crescent
Pinoak Road
Pipe Track [1887]
Pitlochry Road
Placid Pines
Plantation Road
Platteklip Buttress
Platteklip Gorge
Platteklip Square
Platteklip Stream
Plein Street
Plumpudding Hill
Poplar Street
Porcupine Buttress
Porcupine Gully
Porcupine Loop
Porcupine Ravine
Postern Buttress
Postern Ravine
Potters Lane
Poyser Road
Premier Road
Price Drive
Prima Ave
Prince of Wales Blockhouse [1795]
Prince Street
Protea Ave
Protea Buttress
Protea Ravine
Provincial Building
Pulpit Rock
Pumphouse [1928]
Pypies Square
Quarry Hill Road
Quebec Road
Queen Victoria Street
Queen's Blockhouse [1795]
Queens Road
Rael Street
Rainbow Crag
Ravensberg Ave
Ravenscraig Road
Ravensteyn Road
Rayden Street
Reform Street
Regent Road
Regent Street
Rendezvous Cave
Reserve Peak
Restio Road
Rheede Street
Rhodes Ave
Rhodes Avenue
Rhodes Drive
Rhodes Memorial [1912]
Ridge Walk
Right Face
Right Face Buttress
Rim Track
Ritchie Street
Riverlea Retreat
Roan Ave
Robin's Cave
Rocklands Ave
Rocklands Road
Roeland Street
Roeland Street Fire Station
Ronald Ave
Rontree Ave
Rontree Avenue
Roodebloem Road
Roodehek Street
Rooiels Thicket
Rooikat Buttress
Rooikat Ravine
Rose Street
Roseberry Ave
Rosemount Ave
Roslyn Lane
Rosmead Ave
Rottingdean Road
Round House
Round House Road
Rugby Road
Rugley Road
Russell Street
Rust en Vreugd
Ruyteplaats Ave
Rycroft Gate
SA Iziko Museum
Saddle Corner
Saddle Face
Saddle Link
Saddle Path
Saddle Ravine
Saddle Road
Saddle Rock
Saddlers Close
Saddlers Row
Saffron Lane
Sanbi Offices
São Jose 1794
Sayed Abdul Haq Grave
Sayed Alie Grave
Sayed Jaffer Grave
Schoonder Street
Schoone Kloof
Schotsche Kloof
Scott Street
Scouts Hut
Sea Point
Sea Point Primary School
Sean's Rock
Searle Street
Second Beach
Second Waterfall Ravine
Sedgemoor Road
Selbourne Road
Sentinel Crag
Separation Buttress
Serpentine Road
Settlers Way
Seymour Ave
Shanklin Crescent
Sheikh Abdul Kader Grave
Sheikh Ali Grave
Sheikh Mohamed Hassen Ghaibie Shah Grave
Sheikh Muhammed Zaid Grave
Sheikh Noorul Mubeen Grave
Sidmouth Ave
Signal Hill
Signal Hill Road
Silver Stream
Silverstream Buttress
Silverstream Face
Silverstream Ravine
Silverstream Waterfall
Silvertree Restaurant
Sir Lowry Road
Skeleton Gorge
Slangolie Buttress
Slangolie Crag
Slangolie Face
Slangolie Ravine
Slave Lodge
Smuts Track
Solan Road
Somerset West
South African Library
South Woodhead Close
Southern Cross Drive
Sparta Road
Spilhaus Ave
Spilhaus Ravine
Spilhaus Ridge
Spin Street
Spring Buttress
Spring Crag
Spring Needle
Spring Stepover
Squirrel's Nest
St Bartholomew Ave
St Charles Ave
St Cyprians School
St George's Cathedral
St George's Street
St James Road
St Johns Hostel
St Johns Road
St Louis Ave
St Marks Street
St Mary's Cathedral School
St Mary's Cathedral
St Michael Peak
St Michael's Road
St Paul Peak
St Pauls School
St Quintons Road
Stan's Halt
Stephen Street
Stern Close
Steven's Cave
Stinkwater Ravine
Stirrup Lane
Stone Bridge
Stone Cottages
Stoneybrook Estate
Strathcoma Road
Strathearn Ave
Strathmore Road
Suikerbossie Restaurant
Sunbird Mountain Retreat
Supreme Court
Susan Ave
Sybil Lane
T. P. Stokoe
Table Bay Harbour
Table Mountain
Table Mountain Aerial Cableway '1929)
Table Mountain National Park
Table Mountain National Monument
Tabora Way
Tafelberg Road
Tafelberg Road
Tamboerskloof Primary School
Tamboerskloof Road
Tennant Road
The Aloes
The Barn
The Bay Hotel
The Cheviots
The Company Gardens
The Don Hotel
The Drive
The Fairway
The Glen
The Grange
The Homestead
The Meadows
The Meadway
The Pulpit
The Saddle
The Saucy Dog
The Swing
The Venster
Theatre On The Bay
Theresa Ave
Third Beach
Thomas Bain Plaque
Thomas P. Stokoe's House
Thorn Street
Three Firs
Timberlost Lane
Tin Mine Stream
TMNP Offices
Tommy's Aqueduct
Top Road
Totness Ave
Traverse Face
Trek Road
Triangle Pool
Tuan Kaapetilow Grave
Turret Gully
Turret Ridge
Turret Ridge Stream
Twelve Apostles
Twelve Apostles Hotel
Twelve o'Clock Hole
U. Adelaide Road
U. Coventry Road
U. Duke Street
U. Maynard
U. Mountain Road
U. Pypies Street
U. Queens Road
U. Rose
U. Union Street
Ummah Close
Union Avenue
Union Buttress
Union Cave
Union Ravine
Union Street
University of Cape Town
Upper Albert Road
Upper Bloem Street
Upper Buitengragt
Upper Buitenkant
Upper Cable Station
Upper Cambridge Street
Upper Contour Path
Upper Contour Path
Upper Holly Street
Upper Leeuwen Street
Upper Mill Street
Upper Orange Street
Upper Pepper Street
Upper Rhine Road
Upper Thistle Ave
Upper Traverse
Upper Tree Road
Vaalkat Buttress
Vaalkat Ravine
Valken Buttress
Valken Ravine
Valley Manor Estate
Valley of Isolation
Valley of the Red Gods
Valley Road
Van Kampz Street
Van Reenen Street
Van Riebeeck's Hedge [1660]
Van Ryneveld Ave
Varsity Street
Venster Buttress
Verreaux Crag
Victoria & Alfred Waterfront
Victoria Buttress
Victoria Drive
Victoria Gully
Victoria Ravine
Victoria Reservoir [1896]
Victoria Road
Victoria Street
Villa Belmont
Vine Street
Vineyard Ave
Virginia Ave
Vlakkenberg Nek
Vlakkenberg Peak
Vlakkenberg Ridge
Voetboog Road
Vogelgezang Street
Vrede Street
Vredehoek Ave
Vriende Street
Wale Street
Walla Walla Cave
Walmer Estate
Walmer Primary School
Wandel Street
War Memorial
Warren Street
Warrenville Terrace
Warwick Street
Wash Houses Hut
Wash Houses [1888]
Waterfall Lane
Waterland Lodge
Waterworks Museum
Welgelegen Cemetery [1676]
Welgemeend Street
Weltevreden Ave
Wesley Street
Westerford Sports Club
Western Table
Westfort Road
Westmore Road
Wexford Road
Whale Rock
Whitford Street
Wilkinson Street
Willesden Road
William Street
Willow Road
Willowmore Cedars
Winchester Road
Windburg Ave
Window Buttress
Window Gorge
Window Stream
Wood Buttress
Woodbridge Path
Woodburn Crescent
Woodcutters' Track
Woodford Road
Woodhead Crack
Woodhead Reservoir [1897]
Woodhead Tunnel [1891]
Woodside Road
Woodstock Cave
Woody Ravine
Worcester Road
World of Birds
World War II Fortress Observation Post
World War II Radar Station
World War II Signal Station
World War II Fire Command Post
World War II Quarters
Wormhole Buttress
Wormhole Ravine
Yellowstone Corner
Yellowstone Gully
Yeoville Road
Yum Restaurant
Yusuf Drive
Zonnebloem College

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